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In the global economic downturn, low-growth trends are prolonging in each country, and the polarization of assets and income is getting worse due to income inequality.

SPS GLOBAL supports and supports the heroes who will overcome these difficult times.

'SPS GLOBAL', a company preparing for the next generation, constantly prepares for innovative business opportunities while walking a different path from others for better life values ​​and happiness to be passed on to future generations.

We research the safest investment products in the largest investment market.
Prepare a fintech business platform that will innovate in the global market.
Prioritize customer interests and focus on customer success so that we can be happy together.
We respect human networks that connect people and connect values and values.
We realize innovative ideas and strategies that are difficult to experience as 'value of wealth' that anyone can experience.

Now participate in fun finance through SPS GLOBAL.
SPS GLOBAL, which has been running to develop investment products that can be used anytime, anywhere, and that anyone can safely invest as long as there is an internet connection, will continue to make every effort for the success of customers and the continuous growth and development of the company as it has been. I will not spare.

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Product introduction

Best Alhpa

'Best Alpha' is an EA developed to achieve lower MDD and stable returns using various indicators that are optimized to find the most used support and resistance levels in all types of trades.

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Best Clone

'Best Clone' is an EA with a follow-up function. 'Best clone' allows simple operation, full profits of the user, lightning fast entry and exit copying, and easy account management. Also, the Receiver account is.....

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Best Info

'Best Info' functions similar to iExposure, one of the MT4 indicators that MT5 does not have. View the details of the current trading of the currently traded currency pair into Buy and Sell positions at a glance.....

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Best Panel

'Best Panel' was developed for fast and comfortable operation of foreign exchange trading. 'Best Panel' allows users to automate their trading system with pre-orders, trailing stops, and auto-close functions by simply setting parameters.

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Best Chart Changer

'Best Chart Changer' is a very useful indicator that allows you to browse all charts with one click. This tool can be placed either vertically or horizontally, and change more charts while setting input values.....

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We have accumulated know-how over many years. In addition, we have useful indicators and EAs necessary for trading, and we are always doing our best for the convenience of traders and high returns. Invest successfully with SPS Global.


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Basic and Dadream


Best Alpha


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  • Nice Plan

'Basic' is designed to continuously increase users' assets by utilizing 'Best Alpha' that helps maintain stable profits and low MDD. Users can choose from a 'Basic 1' account to a 'Basic 5' account depending on their investment intention.

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Dadream Plan

Dadream Plan is a promotion to generate additional income and stabilize the established organization. Participation conditions: 1:1 matching with the number of Basic accounts is possible. Ex) Basic 3 accounts: Da-Dream 3 accounts There is no separate operating fee and stable income can be generated every month.

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Happy Plan

Happy Plan is a promotion for long-term consignment management of more than one year to raise money. Participation conditions: Individual 15 points must be acquired, 3 or more referrals within 3 months, and 5 or more points each must be obtained. In addition, a minimum of 1 account and a maximum of 6 accounts can participate.

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Jump Up Happy Promotion

Prior to the release of Best Alpha, SPS Global has planned and released the Jump Up Happy Promotion as follows for member satisfaction and business revitalization. The Jump Up Happy Promotion is a 1:1 matching promotion that allows you to apply for 1 Happy account per 1 Basic account.

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Nice Plan

The Nice Plan is a promotion to celebrate and give preference to rank advancement. Participation conditions: You must be at the level of Semi or higher, and promotions are given for each position.
There is no separate management fee and additional income is possible.

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